Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Many Uses of Tofu

Cooking for Kitty is turning out to be a chore. She is either having menopause-related hot flashes or some imagined illnesses. All of which can be cured by soy beans apparently. She thinks nothing of dropping by and leaving a note for me to bring medicinal food to her house. Usually it's generated from some health tip article she saw. Today it's a newspaper clipping from one of the many free Chinese language weeklies available at store entryways here (I didn't see how they could be free, until I realized half of their content are stories like, "Ask me how my incontinence was cured by Miracle Drug X!").

"Gallstones Cured by Tofu?" Kitty circled this headline with a felt-tip pen in red. I'm tempted to write her name in red, supposedly it's bad luck to write anyone's name in red as it's the color the devil writes your name in on the death scroll in hell.

I have no time to really cook for her, gallstones or no. I think if she stopped eating so much high-fat stuff, she wouldn't be having this problem. With her, it could be just some random pain that went away tomorrow.

Dr. Zhou has no sympathy for me though she is the one who engineered this great opportunity for me. She said, just tell her that the "ancient Chinese" (her favorite pseudo-mystical phrase) had one health maxim, "Health is achieved by starving a little and staying cold a little." I could just drop off a empty wok for her then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting again. Any news on showing Dan's statues at Delia's husband's gallery? Jack

10:35 AM  

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