Monday, March 01, 2004

The people I had to deal with today:

At the store:
Irate woman who insists on using the whitening lotion kit though she already looks like her face is dipped in cornstarch. I'm on commission so I refrain from saying the obvious.

At the clinic:
Woman who comes in for weight-loss treatment, she got started on the standard 30-min-a-week session for six weeks. Chinese acupuncture doesn't aim to cure so much as to heal. Every disease is traced back to some clogged nodes somewhere in the body. For weight-loss, the thyroid is stimulated through pressing the needles against the nodes known to be linked to thyroid function. More and more health insurance plans are accepting alternative treatments now, more business for Dr. Zhou, and hopefully more hours at the clinic for me, at $10/hr, I hope people get sick more.


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