Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Sunday

A beautiful sunday came and went, it was a blissful respite from the
never-ending frigid temperature, so tantalizing in its briefness.
Didn't get to talk to bf online, figured internet wasn't cooperating
again. Saw Pei Pei and caught up with her, we talked over each other
in our rushed life updates. She told me her sister-in-law had
miscarried her third child, I was so sad to hear it, though I've not
met the couple, they're the kind of parents who see every new kid as a
blessing. Maybe it was meant to be, they already have a boy and a girl
and the mom's almost 40-years-old. Hopefully her recovery will be
thorough, I heard the month after miscarriage is as important as the
month after childbirth, any lack of care will give one health problems
later in life.

Mom and dad went to NJ to visit an old friend, the trip took five
hours by train and bus. Their friend was in the states to take care of
three boys by her older daughter, who was a dentist and married to
another Chinese-American doctor. Her younger daughter, 39-years-old
and also a doctor, was in labor with her first baby when they arrived.
The visit was rather hectic and abbreviated but special in its own
way, how often does one get to share in the excited & nervous
anticipation of a baby being born? The grandparents were hoping for a
girl after the Y-chromosome overload they've had, alas, their fourth
grandchild is another boy! He came in via c-section since water
already broke on Saturday.

Watched Twilight by myself after I parted ways with Pei Pei. If I was
ten-years younger, I'd have swooned much more over the intense gazes
and sighs, now, I'm more chagrined than touched by their undying love.
All this dying for someone you love hyperbole is good for literature
but hollow in real life, I think a man who does chores is much more


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