Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nephews visiting the States for a while and stayed here for a bit...
Miss the boys after having them around for two days, it was so cute
listening to them playing games and talking in the next room. Wish I
went out to eat w/ them on Monday but work has been insane so I just
came home and crashed. They already finished half a bottle of syrup,
one box of waffles and all the chocolate milk! Need to stock up if
they stay here again, it'll be tight with everyone here, but also
special. A full house!

Lots of snow coming tmw, stockpiled some food. Have noodles, eggs,
tomatoes for easy soupy noodle dinners. Also got takeout for more
realistic after-work lazy dinners.

Heard the couple next door fight last night, since it was one wall
away and super-late at night it sounded really loud and vicious. At
one point, I heard crashing noises, was really hoping it wasn't a
physical fight. Believe it's the bookcase or some other furniture
being shoved, because the man had to restock books on the shelf later,
which was right next to the wall. He shouted for his wife to "Get the
f-- out!" She didn't. It's not even Christmas yet, I can only imagine
the level of drama come Chinese New Year.

The weird thing is, though the couple are Chinese immigrants, they
were cussing and yelling at each other in English. I don't know if
it's because they've been here long enough to enjoy fighting in a
foreign language already or some other reason. It'll be awkward to see
them around the neighborhood now, like I've seen their scars in the
dark but have to pretend I don't see them in daylight.


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