Friday, December 10, 2004

The Chinese and The Jews

This holiday will be odd and lonely. Christmas does not conjure up warm feelings for me, nor does it bring any sense of nostalgia. But misplaced Chinese are not the only ones feeling left out of the festivities here, Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas either. These two long-suffering groups have a lot in common. Namely both's love of...

Food -- I like gelfite fish, and matzo ball soup reminds me of a kind of dough soup my grandmother used to make. Yeasty and salty is a good combination.
Education -- Chinese parents have been known to sell blood to send their kids to school, nothing quite like a degree to them.
Family -- Love them, hate them, you're bound to them forever in your heart, and their actions and impressions do define yours.

No wonder there are so many Chinese/Jewish couples.


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