Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Choosing a Religion

So many Chinese here end up going to church, not because they've had a religious epiphany in America, but because church groups are such great communities. For people with kids especially, having babysitter rings and play groups makes a huge difference. I can't join a church just for the good potlucks though, that feels sacriligious. Should I join a Buddhist center instead? They also have weekly study sessions and brunches, etc, maybe even singles clubs. Heh heh. Ugh, how pragmatic am I to even think of this? Being an immigrant has its perks.

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Blogger bitterbabe said...

Hi! Wow - I love this blog! You write so well! Have you ever considered writing a book ? Seriously? I identified with this blog so much - I want to move to NYC too.... I understand everything you mean, from the rape of nanjing to the double eyelid scares!!!

1:03 AM  

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