Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb 8th 2010

We celebrated the birthday at a BBQ buffet, there were meats of every kind, all on skewers and served on request. It was the first time we went there after bf's deployment, everything seemed pretty much the same. I have been eating so light lately, was actually craving meat. On Saturday we drove around looking for a place that showed Edge of Darkness, theatres were pretty empty and showtimes didn't seem ideal, finally just decided to try later and had dinner separately (me with my dad and him with parents). I suppose I could have dwelled on why I couldn't join them for dinner, but why bother borrowing worries. BF came over after dinner, and we tried for the movie again, this time, the theatres were so busy it was almost Avatar-like. Do people really want to see The Spy Next Door and Dear John that much? The movie was better than I expected, what we got was a thoughtful, sensitive Gibson as a grieving dad against a big source of evil, and not just a bad-guys-chasing-good-guys formulaic flick. They made him very human in all the scenes involving action, instead of a robot bouncing back from every hit effortlessly, you see a panting man struggling with the exertion. His heavily-lined face made his character all the more vulnerable, too, alas, wrinkles only work to flatter older male actors.


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