Friday, December 31, 2004

There were very few Chinese tourists caught up in the tragic tsunami, though many Chinese tour groups were there. Turned out the Chinese' aversion to sun-bathing and money-saving habits saved their lives. The Chinese travelers stayed at cheaper hotels, away from the beaches, and didn't spend their morning by the sea snorkeling and sunning. The travel agencies catering to Chinese like to offer very general tours of the areas, shuffling people from one sight-seeing spot to another, with the requisite shopping break (with kick-backs for the guide). Chinese tourists traveling abroad within a packaged tour also hate to venture out alone; no independent activity meant no time dawdling on the beach, and no chance of being swept away. This time, being so Chinese was life-saving, probably the only time being timid and dark skin-phobic is beneficial.


Blogger wyn said...

that's an interesting observation.... :S and i can't help chuckling a bit over its verity. otherwise, the devastation and loss of life is so appalling. :(

7:13 PM  

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