Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I want to report momentous changes, after all, it's the first day
post-work. The word resignation has a finality to it, like we're
giving up something, yet "re" and "sign" make me think of signing up
for something else. I've not contacted US translation agencies yet,
their work might be more English to Chinese, whereas I want the
opposite kind of assignments. There are many outfits in China who do
offer such work, I just need names of reputable ones, since I heard
from Douban translator groups that some agencies don't pay or delay
payment indefinitely. Hmm, at work I had too much to do, now there's
not enough. I do need to study for the preliminary court interpreter
exam in two weeks, and hope the second exam doesn't fall inside my
July vacay dates.

I handled yesterday's "last day" emotional roller coaster pretty well,
I only teared up while saying goodbye to my boss. It felt like I was
leaving home for a far away school, she teared up too and said I'm
welcome to go back anytime. Got home after following the rituals of my
working life for the last time, leaving the building, riding the
subway, trudging thru the hustle and bustle of downtown Flushing. I
would have gone to Daffy's except for the heavy tote, might as well,
now that there's no job stress, there's no need for stress-relief
shopping, hehe.


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