Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25 2011

I'll have to update more often, gotta write whenever there's an urge to write, otherwise any meaning in the minutiae of life slips away, and bam! It's a year later. BF and I made it legal last year, but did the ceremony just now. It's a ritual I'm glad to be done with. Maybe I can use the drama generated for some funny stuff later, now, I need to let it settle a while.

It's so different being a freelancer, there's so much more to juggle and the income is so little. I got turned down for a gig from a Shanghai-based agency since my rate was too high, hah, I thought my quote was very low, it's already hardly a living wage. There's too many people who translate for peanuts and making the industry seem so exploitable. I'm debating whether to write back or just let it be. Took a whole bunch of translation tests from allover but only got very small gigs so far. Followed up with one VA agency, hope to hear good news, another place in FL will test next week. The challenge is to stay busy while there's no work and keep the positive energy flowing, even if it feels delusional sometimes.

We took my parents and aunt to upstate for a day trip. While parked in Bear Mountain, we noticed our car was missing a headlight, it must have been nicked from last night. Nice of the other driver to drive off like that, hope the repair won't set us back too much.


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