Sunday, January 09, 2005

Before the Rooster Crows

My latest work project is to get tickets for Mao Mao to shows with HK popstars at various casinos for the Chinese New Year (Feb 9th). God bless American marketing geniuses, who knew most major Atlantic City casinos have their own promotion divisions catering to immigrant Chinese's cultural tastes? Money is color-blind. The lineup is quite impressive, entertainers who I couldn't see in China are touring here.

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, I find the oldtime superstitions more and more biding. Quite a few people I know are getting married now, to avoid getting married in the Year of the Rooster. Folklore has it that it's a widow year for those who tie the knot during this time. So, live together if you have to, but don't get registered.


Blogger wyn said...

fascinating! i wish i could go to atlantic city but now it's across the continent from where i am. i hope you can get a companion ticket to see a concert, too. :) following superstitions can be fun, sometimes it narrows down your choices when you have too many, and it doesn't *hurt* to avoid unlucky omens. :D

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