Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's hard to have integrity sometimes. I tried valiantly to boycott Japanese-made products and just realized my glasses are made in Japan, and a lot of snacks I enjoy are made there too. I could try getting contacts and stop stuffing my face.

Chinese get very emotional and worked up over the Japanese government's denial of their military's actions in WWII once in a while, but then the outrage passes and we just keep on cousuming Japanese movies, bleaching our hair blonde like Japanese pop stars, and of course brag about all the Japanese hi-tech gear we own and drive Japanese cars. Arghhhh!

I hate the hypocrisy of Chinese sometimes, and how we never put money where our mouths are. Protest is meaningless with no action -- Japan's government realizes this and continues to not teach the new generations the truth of what happened.

I need to stop ranting and maybe look up protest locations here in NY.


Blogger vicissitudinaire said...

I couldn't agree more (found your blog on, so don't be alarmed, I'm not a stalker). Just today I was looking to buy a Canon digital camera and my mom told me that if I bring it with me back to China, I'll get yelled at for using a Japanese product, but stuff like this doesn't matter as much as what you said. People really should stop viewing Japan as the epitome of cool, and go beyond protesting their disgusting behavoir alone.

My father often speaks of the hypocrisy of Chinese people, and as much as I hate hearing him say it, I know that sometimes it's true. Our country really should become stronger in areas other than economics.

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