Saturday, June 25, 2005

There has been a lot of press on the emergence of China as a potential enemy for the US or at least an force to be reckoned with. I wish China was that powerful, what right-wing American senators (who scream about China becoming a threat) don't realize is that China has had such amazing growth these past few years because the Chinese government has made expansion the ultimate goal. As long as the numbers are up, nothing else matters. The bubble might burst at any moment and the prosperity covers up a lot of warts. I had to laugh at Fox News' air quality health advisory yesterday, most major cities in China would need to have this warning daily if the air was analyzed.

My mom in her phone calls always comments on how blue the sky here is. No kidding, there are no smokestacks around here and cars have emission standards.

But Americans do have mad cow disease, at least one other poor cow has been seen stumbling around. Even Taiwan has now put a ban on American beef, that' s saying a lot considering how boot-licking the Taiwanese goverment usually is. I expect a frosty phone call from someone powerful in DC soon and the imports will be restored pronto.

I will go off in search of some tasty beef noodles now, and enjoy them under the clear blue sky.


Blogger wyn said...

i recently read about the number of chinese spies suggested by recent defectors (to australia) present in canada and there may be comparable numbers in the united states. the number quoted for loss due to industrial and scientific espionage was phenomenal ($1B per month), leading a friend of mine to believe that all the chinese student-visa-holding graduate students we see are spies. do you think this is just right wing fear talking?

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