Sunday, July 10, 2005

My mom called me about her reunion with one branch of our relatives. One of my cousins, who probably is younger than me, is already married and allegedly has a very successful husband -- because he travels abroad a lot.

I don't know who put forth the idea that traveling all over the place equals social status. But I suspect community colleges are to blame, they love to design posters where the grad is standing in an airport somewhere, carrying a laptop and talking/typing on a mobile device. Hooray, since when did living outside of a suitcase become so glamorous?

The subtext of this conversation is of course have I wrangled anyone similarly valuable? I'll need to get a job as an airport security guard and frisk business travellers, there's bound to be someone who has trekked a few miles and is a great catch.


Anonymous Jaron said...

This is unrelated... just did a reverse link search on my blog, and wanted to thank you for having me linked.

Oh, and I've traveled quite a lot... but only around the U.S.

hmmm... that was related and as such negates the preamble to the first sentence.... please excuse it :)


2:49 PM  
Blogger wyn said...

those people who get sent out to places by their company are like "kept" employees - while they are on the road (and the further away the more glamorous), their accomodations, food, entertainment, car rental, will all be taken care of. (this is from seeing my friend who is a consultant.) in addition, they will have a cell phone and laptop provided for. my friend also gets to fly home every few weeks on the company. youngsters and those without ties value the adventure that comes with such a postion.

3:47 AM  

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