Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Holidays, it would be so nice...

If I were in China now, I would be enjoying a nice week-long holiday, thanks to May 1st, International Workers' Day. Most companies, certainly the government agencies, would give their staff the days off. Here in a capitalist country, people don't enjoy this break. Speaking of Communist holidays, there is also the International Children's Day on June 1st that Americans don't take note of.

The holidays here are very focused on a person's role, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Secretary's Day, etc. The individual is much more celebrated than the group. To be fair though, the collective is an illusion in China too. The rhetoric is all about the people and the betterment of all, but when you look at who's benefiting, and who the fat cats are, they are the ones who have connections and who could afford sending their kids to private schools here -- out of the government's budget.

I might have to cultivate a relationship with one such fat cat, actually... Delia's ex-husband, who supposedly has an Asian gallery of sorts in Manhattan. It would be a perfect place to showcase these terracotta statues. Let's hope I can bring out my best "brownnosing" face, or as referred to in Chinese, my "horse butt-patting moves...."