Friday, April 10, 2009

Highs and Lows

The week started off really well, I was happy over some personal good
news and my mom's safe return from Kenya. BF's still here too and I
wanted to treasure every day we had before he has to return to a war
zone on Mon. Now, I'm feeling frazzled from an increasingly demanding
job, mom's come down with shingles and am all restless about saying
goodbyes this weekend. His parents' continued bigotry toward Chinese
don't help things, tonight's dinner with my bf was cancelled since
they wanted to interrogate him about us. I alternate between wanting
to understand them and wanting to yell at them. The question isn't
whether they'll ever like me, they won't, it is rather would we be
able to stand the constant badgering and negativity and stay together
through it all? Would our love change? Would he get brainwashed by
them? Dear Kuan Yin pusa, please give me strength and stop me
punishing myself for others' biased minds.