Thursday, November 09, 2006

No More Pills for Me?

I started on the Pill, Yasmin, to be exact, a couple days ago, and haven't felt normal since.

A wave of irritation assaulted me the morning after I took the first pill at midnight. I attributed it to everyday crankiness, then I started feeling dizzy. And not the kind of dizzyness I could ignore either, I almost had to stop working on the computer since it was hard to focus on anything.

Then my tastes changed, my usual favorites: meatballs, grilled chicken, sauted fish... began to taste foul. Fruits and vegetables became insanely delicious though. Was Yasmin invented by vegetarian pharmacists?

But as with most things in this world, there was an upside, I became really articulate, even a little agressive, just enough to correct my typical shyness. I was more outgoing too.

Are the side effects worth the benefits? I think not, having words roll out of my mouth beautifully is not worth being cranky and bitchy.

Had I started taking birth control pills really early on in life, would I be a totally different person by now? Would I be this type-A prima donna who doesn't take "no" for an answer and steamrolls everyone? Who knows.

The next time I feel like being a bitch, I know what I'll reach for. You say "off-the-label," I say on-demand aggression.