Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's hard to have integrity sometimes. I tried valiantly to boycott Japanese-made products and just realized my glasses are made in Japan, and a lot of snacks I enjoy are made there too. I could try getting contacts and stop stuffing my face.

Chinese get very emotional and worked up over the Japanese government's denial of their military's actions in WWII once in a while, but then the outrage passes and we just keep on cousuming Japanese movies, bleaching our hair blonde like Japanese pop stars, and of course brag about all the Japanese hi-tech gear we own and drive Japanese cars. Arghhhh!

I hate the hypocrisy of Chinese sometimes, and how we never put money where our mouths are. Protest is meaningless with no action -- Japan's government realizes this and continues to not teach the new generations the truth of what happened.

I need to stop ranting and maybe look up protest locations here in NY.