Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gold Pigs

I got an annual newsletter from a family friend, she says:

The lunar New Year is a Year of the Pig. It is believed to be a year of gold pig (rather than wood, water, fire, earth pigs.) So many couples plan to have their babies born in this lucky year. It's estimated that 100 ,000 babies will be born in Beijing! (We didn't know this until we read reports in the newspapers. My daughter-in-law is thirty-three and it is high time for her to have a baby, gold pig or not. When the pig babies (as they are called fondly here in China) grow up they will be faced with tougher competitions in going to good schools, universities, job-hunting, etc. I doubt they will feel lucky then. But for the moment we don't have to worry about those things.

Wow, I feel anxious now too, maybe I should start on folic acid and flaxseed oil as well. But seriously, the theory is too simplistic, there is not way everyone born in lunar calendar 2007 will be lucky. There is got to be an empirical way to disprove this, maybe do a Seven Up documentary on the pig babies and see how they fare in life.