Sunday, September 12, 2004

American Bedding Conundrums

Can anyone explain to me why American bedding is so confusing? Why would anyone need so much material for sleep? There is the fitted sheet, the coversheet, the comforter, the sham, and somtimes, the mattress pad. Not to mention the half a dozen pillows one is supposed to cover the bed with. The sizing is also downright misleading, a single bed needs Twin size, but a double bed needs Full?

I called Mom, maybe she can have someone send me a set. There is bound to be a friend or two who's flying in after spending the summer in Bejing, trying to instill Chinese values in their recalcitrant ABC kids.

"Do you want a single or a double size?" She asked. Does this mean what I think it means?

"Single, of course." I replied.

I think she sighed. I did too, though not for the same reason.