Saturday, September 16, 2006

SK-II is Evil

I once used this ultra-pricey toner from SK-II and was so impressed at how it made my skin so supple and seemingly whiter. If not for its prohibitive price tag (more than $50), I would have kept on using it. Fast forward two years...

I saw on Chinese news today how all SK-II products were to be taken off the market in China. They were full of toxic ingredients. Anecdotal stories I have heard confirm this too. SK-II's signature ingredient, "Pitera," makes the skin temporarily whiter, brighter, and softer, BUT the minute you stop using it, the skin regresses to what it used to be and WORSE. So very scary.

For years, I thought this was because Chinese had an innate prejudice of Japanase products but today I'm convinced. Do Japanese women use SK-II? I've heard the products are formulated differently for the Japanese market.

There is a saying that Chinese export the best products and use crappy 2nd or 3rd rate stuff for the domestic market, but Japan does the opposite.