Saturday, March 10, 2007

Giving it Away

Came home really tired last night, was still too wired to sleep for some reason. Got sucked into a public television airing of Dr. Wayne Dyer's lecture. He has a way of making profound things really simple and intuitive. His analogy of "life is but a parenthesis in eternity" and all we could do is to give our life away was brilliant. His philosophy goes against the whole buy more, get more, amass more way of life some people are living.

Living in New York has made me more opportunistic and I've caught myself envying someone else' s apartment, wardrobe, vacation, or perception of power. Now that I think about it, not only do I not have less, I have too much. There is much I could give. I'm not going to start handing out money on the street or anything, but I could try to focus less on getting more of something, anything, to feel better and richer. This will take a while and won't be easy, I'll have trouble with letting go of things at first for sure. It'll be more natural when I realize we'll all meant to share and the more we give, the more we "get," not in payment or thanks, but we'll be contributing to the circle of giving that is life.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Near Celebrity Sighting

If you read Gawker Stalker, you'd think New York was run by celebrities, you could practically see one inline at the Kwik Meal stand at every corner.

Never have I had such luck though.

Today, I was at a GNC during lunchtime, grabbing some Flavor & Fiber Bars. There was a big crowd of people there, mostly men, clutching FHMs and looking high-strung...turns out they were all waiting for Carmen Electra. The store owner was distracted too, the poor guy was probably trying to visualize how to put his store back in order after Electra's people have moved all of his shelves around to make room for a VIP area.

After getting my loot, I had trouble leaving the store. As I made my way out of the place, murmuring "Sorry, just trying to get out...." One guy shoted, "No cutting!" I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes there, all this for a D-list celeb? Still, afterwards I couldn't resist looking up the event on WireImage and lo and behold, there she is, wearing a camisole-style top in 20 degree weather, holding the diet book and posing as if it's the Oscars. Now that's professionalism!