Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to the Grind

I'm glad the holidays are over, there was just too much pressure to buy/do/be something and somewhere all the time. The Chinese New Year's not until 1/26, so we have a chance to catch up before the overeating commences once more. I hope everyone can get Chinese New Year off as a holiday, wouldn't that be great?

Christmas break was mostly family-driven, Mom's departure on 1/1 made me a little sad, not because I wanted her around 24/7, but I just wished she could relax more and enjoy her retirement years.

Rumors of layoffs are rampant, I'm not so love with my job itself but it'd be scary to lose regular income. My freelance work is bringing me just enough for snacks, if I really had no work work anymore, would I go to grad school or just live on savings for a while? Hmm. They've added so much work to my plate lately it'd be like laying off two people at once, but no one is really essential, so security or insecurity, it's all relative.