Thursday, November 04, 2004

Move a Tree to Kill it, Move a Man to...

...make him live. This is the Chinese version of "Who Moved My Cheese?" Taking on something new, going someplace you've never been before, that's what revives a soul...

I'm certainly doing something new, namely shopping for a jade bed with Kitty. I never knew luxury furniture houses like these were available until today. I suppose where there are bored and hypochdriac socialites, there are stores with unnecessary goods.

This neighborhood is especially great, you could emigrate here, apply for green card, buy a house, renovate it, furnish it, and then sell it, all without having to deal with Americans. Kitty could spend her money in front of people she really cared to impress, otherwise, what's the point of spending money? I suspect that's why she has me do her cooking, it's like a constant affirmation of what she has and I don't.

From playing office politics to being a glorifed maid, I have certainly uprooted myself this year. Whether I've begun a new lifeline or just drifting, who knows.

I'll try out the beaded jade pillow (free gift with purchase of bed) for now, it's not as uncomfortable as it looks. It actually warms up once your head cushions it for a while, it also allegedly cures headaches, we'll see.