Sunday, September 05, 2004

It's almost Oct 1st again, time for the Chinese national holiday. I heard the Chinese immigrant associations here are competing for the right to host the parade. The mainland forces want the bigger marquee, and the Taiwanese faction wants their own. If there is one thing Chinese love to do, it's infighting. Granted, the Taiwanese have something to hate about, the mainland women taking away their husbands and all (as "kept women"). The mainland Chinese have a more complex relationship toward the Taiwanese, during the Cultural Revolution, anyone with any ties to the island hide them, for fear of being accused as capitalists. Later on, it's a sign of money, especially with Taiwanese relatives sponsoring their mainland families' entries into the U.S. Then it was as if everyone was clamoring for an overseas connection. Now, we're all stuck on this same continent, fighting over the same piece of pie. It's not like Americans can tell the difference anyhow; drawing imaginary and divisive lines among groups of people is such a waste of time. I would much rather be slicing into a nice and greasy piece of moon cake, preferrably stuffed with more than one egg yolk. The Fullmoon Festival is Sept. 28th, yum.