Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rat Changes into Ox: Happy New Year

The new year falls on a monday this year, making a working stiff like
me wish I was back in China, where the celebration is everywhere and
people have at least two weeks off. Here, you've got to make an
effort. Thank goodness my friends in the neighborhood are really into
hosting parties and day trips. Pei Pei, M, Genny, Genny's mom, Yuan
and I all headed to LI to do some discount shopping. Century 21 is
having a really good sale there, I got a cashmere vest for only $30.
There were many really Vogue-worthy pieces too, we had no idea how to
wear some of them, but it was fun trying. Everyone is also gathering
at M's place tomorrow night for the all-important New Year's Eve
dinner. We wanted to do a hot pot dinner, but ended up deciding to
each bring a dish or two. I might bring some rotisserie chicken from
my favorite takeout place.

M's hubby got a couple of offers for the house and is moving to CA
after the school year ends, M is resigned to the fact that he's
pinning his dreams on starting over in the west. The house sale will
pay off their debts at least. We were all a bit wistful thinking it'll
be harder to see M soon, since she won't need to fly back to NY
anymore. But our self-absorbed concerns aside, M seemed really
well-adjusted toward her impossible husband, she said if she thinks of
him as a friend, then it's all fine. You can't control how a friend
lives his life, so you just roll with the changes.

Live webcast for the most beloved and most-hated TV show in China,
CCTV's New Year's Eve celebration, can be seen here,, not sure if I can get
up at 7 to watch the thing live.

Wishing everyone a great Year of the Ox! If you were born in 1923,
1937,1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, your sign falls in the year of the
Ox. Common zodiac wisdom suggests any Ox to be extra careful in the
coming year, they say you've got to wear a red belt, a red bracelet,
or a blessed piece or two from a temple... something to keep you out
of trouble. My own experience suggests it's not necessarily a bad year
but there will be changes in store if you were an Ox. May the changes
be good ones.