Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My First Ever Concert in America

I'm really really happy that i went to see The Dixie Chicks last night, never been to MSG so the whole thing was new to me. Their opening act was Bob Schneider's band. He's not bad, but then there was 45 of nothing but recorded music before the Chicks went on stage. The whole place became electrified, everyone was cheering them, they played two fast songs and then did "Landslide." Everyone used their cell screen to do the lighter thing during that song, it was cute.

Natalie didn't talk too much, she did mock her "excellent career choices" to much laughter in the crowd. Right before a song she dedicated to Mel Gibson, she said if she had gone to rehab like he's doing, and apologied for what she said, the controversy would have been all over. They also did a lullaby-like song. But the most popular ones had been "Not ready to forgive", "Top of the world", and "Wide open spaces", "Sittin' wagon" got a lot of responses too. Then the band left and they did "Traveling soldier" solo. The last two songs: one was by Bob Dylan and another I can't recognize.

They wore different things, Natalie had this sleeveless black leather dress cut with a deep V in front. Emily wore a black with white trim polo shirt and white shorts with a black/white scarf as a belt. Martie wore a skinny black blouse and skinny black stretch pants, with tons of silver necklaces.

The crowd was full of cute guys in cowboy hats and lots of upstate and Long Island-looking families. Very few New Yorker-looking people were there, at least around me. But it was sold-out for sure. I was so impressed so many turned out.