Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why Totalitarianism Doesn't Work

The last thing I wanted at the end of the day, after trudging through crowds of high-strung American shoppers with their obnoxious kids near Penn Station, is to be told the 7 train doesn't go to my stop, Main St., today. After the train huffed and puffed to 103rd st, all passengers were dumped onto the platform. Would MTA (NY's mass transit) do this if we had alternatives? They would be offering free bon bons during commutes if people could choose.

I better get offline so I can continue translate this awful Cultural Revolution memoir for work. The writer wants to use this for immigration, the type where applicants have to show they're talented. I'll need to half-rewrite this to make it even remotely relatable to non-Chinese. It's a waste of time anyhow -- what immigration officer has the time and interest to wade through literature like this?