Thursday, June 17, 2004

People in Manhattan seem a lot glossier than people in Queens. They seem very driven and look like they're always on their way somewhere. Even the trains are nicer. I really loved the indicator panel on the 6 trains. The upcoming station on the map lights up as the train reaches it. If there was a map like that for my life, it would be like this:

Arrival in USA --> Green Card --> House --> Citizen? --> Back to China

I've heard of some women who fly in when they're eight months pregnant and then give birth here, just so their kids can be American citizens. I'm not so sure about this practice, but for the amount of sacrifices Chinese parents make for their kids, using the brats' status to pursue their own (which ultimately leads to the kids' own futures, or so goes the Confucious/familial reasoning) is not so heinous.