Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eye Lids and Aging

I've been secretly happy that I was born with the coveted double eyelids, thereby bigger-looking eyes. When other people buy these scary adhesive kits purporting to induce "Bigger eyes instantly! Without surgery!" from Asian pharmacies to create the effect on their own, I'd feel a sense of superiority from not needing to resort to such a measure.

Until now.

In recent photos, I noticed my eyes are looking droopier than before. Could the double eyelids be causing this? All of a sudden, I'm obsessed with using Google Images to look up late 20s Chinese celebrities, trying to justify my theory. The results are not encouraging. The extra skin from the eyelids age just as fast as the rest of the face, and when they age, they droop over the eyes. Horrors.

What's next, plastic surgery?

After I calmed down, I assessed the situation from all angles, the only solution is, I have to get hitched before I age anymore.