Friday, June 05, 2009

Estrogens, Good and Bad

I'm not sure if every June's full of changes, this one has been quite eventful so far. Moved to a new floor, where I'm surrounded by super-stylish women. Not quite Devil Wears Prada, but very close, there's the usual alliances and rivalries... Nothing I can't handle, even if the new attention feels a bit unnerving. If this had a metaphor, I just went from the drafty and cold basement to the cushy and overheated penthouse. Feel like I gotta step up my wardrobe, or maybe I could revel in being the floor hippe? LOL. I do enjoy the overheard conversations, wish I can save them for a future novel.

Some bodily discomfort has also cropped up, could be fibrocystic breasts or something else. I really don't want to do the whole regular dr --> OB-GYN --> ultrasound --> ?? schlep again, like what happened two (?) years ago. Went to my fav hypochondriac shop for remedies, an Earth Mother-ish saleslady gave me some EstroSense to try, it's not cheap, but anything converting bad estrogens to good estrogens is gotta be worth it.

Can't stop things from changing, am just hoping for good changes, abundance in things we need, and less negativity, starting with my own. There's a lot I can control.

Cousin's wedding tomorrow will be full of memories, I've now gotten over feeling wistful about when I can be a bride and am just looking forward to the good food and photo opportunity. There's going to be a group portrait, with all 160 people present, and some family and friends photo sessions with the new couple at exactly 12:27PM. I wonder if a tense wedding planner has decided the time, it'll be hilarious to see if we can adhere to the time.